Hakkoda Summer

Updated for Spring/Summer 2013 with mesh panels and an open toe, the hidden wedge fashion shoe offers more breathability for the summer season. Inspiration comes from seasonal theme of 'The Great Outdoors' interacting on a material level with hobbies such as; Camping and 'Pylon trekking' as well as taking inspiration from Awnings, Fly nets and temporary structures. Disponível em 3 combinações de cores para a coleção primavera-verão 2013.

ID do produto: 354477
Sexo: Mulheres
Loja on-line: EUA
  • 354477-03-resumo
  • 354477-01-resumo
  • 354477-04-galeria1
  • 354477-04-galeria2
  • 354477-04-galeria3
  • 354477-03-galeria1
  • 354477-03-galeria2
  • 354477-03-galeria3
  • 354477-01-galeria1
  • 354477-01-galeria2
  • 354477-01-galeria3

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